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Storied (and beautiful) athletic fields

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An attribute common to all Black Hills communities are busy athletic fields, often in settings with alpine vistas. But they’re more than pretty. Some are etched deeply into the memories of big-time pro athletes. Considering its relatively small population, the Black Hills area produces a surprisingly big number of sports … Read More

Accidental Tourist

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Accidental Tourist: What state is this again? Local: South Dakota. Accidental Tourist: How far across? Local: Four hundred miles. Accidental Tourist: That’s huge! Local: Yep. Right up there with Montana. Accidental Tourist: Are there service stations? Local: Now and then. Accidental Tourist: I know it snows in the Dakotas. There’s … Read More

Custer State Park

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Simply put, Custer State Park may be the nation’s very best state park. It is 71,000 acres of forests, lakes, dramatic granite spires, hiking trails, historic lodges, fine dining, a professional theater company, and a bison herd. If this park doesn’t trip your trigger, you should probably consider taking an … Read More

Mt. Rushmore National Memorial

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What’s the dumbest thing you can do while visiting the Black Hills?  Several things come to mind, including ill-advised encounters with big, nondomestic animals.  Also ranking up there would be saying,”Let’s skip Mount Rushmore.  I saw it as a kid and obviously nothing’s changed.”Actually there have been big changes over … Read More

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