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Elevated tees.  High altitude drives.  Banana Belt.These are terms regularly bandied about by Black Hills golfers.  Golf is a passion for lots of local people, the reason some of them live here — liberated from crowded, flat-land courses they knew elsewhere.  Elevated tees mean teeing off a high point onto … Read More


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Thanks to the current hip-hop Broadway musical, American founding father Alexander Hamilton enjoys celebrity status 212 years after dying in a duel with Aaron Burr. But there was intense interest in Hamilton in Spearfish during the late 1800s, and the town is the site of a memorial to him … Read More


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Say Gordy in the Black Hills, no surname needed, and most locals know you mean Gordy Pratt — a versatile one man show. He’s a classically trained guitarist who often puts his instrument to work in a decidedly non-classical way. Gordy is a comedian and also performs fast-paced, one-character historical … Read More

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