Spearfish Canyon Porcupines

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Elk, mountain lions, eagles, bobcats, and deer make Spearfish Canyon home. But a few years ago porcupines stole the spotlight, made national news in the canyon for developing a taste for brake fluid. Yes, they bit into brake lines and drank the stuff, leaving drivers up a steep canyon with faulty brakes. What wasn't widely reported was that drinking brake fluid kills porcupines (and other creatures), so you don't have to worry about them now when you visit the canyon. Yes, there are still lots of porcupines here, but the fluid drinkers died off fast and apparently left no like-minded offspring. It was an example of natural selection resulting in smarter, better behaved porcupines. Incidentally, no humans were killed or harmed during the Spearfish Canyon Brake Fluid Crisis.
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