Stavkirke, Rapid City

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Stavkirke Prayer Walk
Chapel in the Hills

Come because you love vintage architecture.  Or wood carvings.  Or for religious reasons or because you want to celebrate your Norwegian roots.  Whatever your reason, come and marvel at the Stavkirke, an exact, full-size replica of Norway's 850 year-old Borgund Church.  The majestic yet intimate structure, also known as the Chapel in the Hills, is all wood and held together by pegs.  Carvings include dragons and apostle heads.  Although the Stavkirke feels like it is and ocean away, it sits in an alpine, park-like setting on Rapid City's west side.  Follow Chapel Lane off Jackson Boulevard (highway 44).  You'll pass through a pleasant residential neighborhood, feeling like you must have missed a turn, and suddenly the Stavkirke spire comes into view.  This is a popular setting for summertime weddings, but visitors usually have the place mostly to themselves.  It's a quiet respite from a schedule packed tight with vacation craziness.

Photos by Allison Syman

Address: 3788 Chapel Lane, Rapid City, SD 57702


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