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People waste hundreds on photo-art from retail stores. They walk in, stall in the art section, and pick out a photo with some blues and greens for tranquility, then take it home, nail it to the wall, and continue living in ignorance. Why stare at a photo when you could visit the real thing? It's 2016! Get out of your Wi-Fi permeated room and take a hike! Believe me, it will give you the opportunity to create your own beautiful photo-art, but more importantly it will allow you to enjoy the beauty in person. Within the Black Hills you have several options: Bridal Veil Falls, Spearfish Falls, Roughlock Falls, Thunderhead Falls, Hippie Hole, or Cascade Falls. I would recommend spending a day on the falls up Spearfish Canyon. Three are easy to find, with Bridal Veil Falls located right off the road, and the other two on clearly marked paths. My favorite is Spearfish Falls because you can feel the gentle mist on your face. However, Roughlock Falls is the tourists’ favorite. It has a scenic walking path, picnic area, and nice viewing platform where you can snap those photos.

Visit the following websites for more info:
Bridal Veil Falls
Cascade Falls
Roughlack Falls
Spearfish Falls
Thunderhead Falls

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