Black Hills Playhouse

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Black Hills Playhouse is a professional summer theater like no other in America. It's set deep in the pine forest of Custer State Park (but performances are indoors, it's important to stress, not out in the pines). You know you're a true Black Hills theater-goer if you actually enjoy negotiating dark, twisty roads through the forest late at night, humming a show tune you just heard at the Playhouse. Up this summer are Jeeves Intervenes, Nunsense, Pageant, The Addams Family, and Shipwrecked: An Entertainment. Bill Russell, the Broadway playwright from the Black Hills whose musical Side Show wowed New York audiences a couple years ago, will direct Pageant at the Playhouse. Pageant is another of Bill's own musicals. Good tunes to hum during the dark, twisty drive back home are guaranteed.

Photo by Paul Higbee

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