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Old Style Saloon No. Ten
Diamond Lil's

Early last century in Deadwood, probably over drinks late at night, inspiration hit. Why not combine a bar and museum under one roof? Old Style Saloon Number Ten assumed its current form on Deadwood's Main Street, liberally stocked not only with liquor and beer, but with artifacts from the town's Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane era. For years people called it the world's "only museum with a bar." Or "the world's only bar with a museum," for those more likely to be lured by drinks than old west stuff. The landmark saloon is still going strong, even featuring historical re-enactors who play out Wild Bill's fatal encounter with Jack McCall. Kids are welcome early in the day and during re-enactments, assuming their parents are okay with them hanging out in a bar and watching gunplay.

But long gone are the days when Old Style Saloon Number Ten could claim to be the world's only bar/museum. In fact, just a couple minutes by foot up Main Street is Diamond Lil's Bar and Grill, on the second floor of the Midnight Star Gaming Emporium. Actor Kevin Costner was the force behind the Midnight Star's creation, and many of his movie costumes, props, and publicity photos are worked into the décor. You'll find movie items especially clustered in Diamond Lil's, making the place feel like it belongs at Hollywood and Vine more than Main Street, Deadwood. You expect to find Calamity Jane things in Deadwood, but Whitney Houston? There they are -- accessories Houston wore in The Bodyguard alongside Costner. Diamond Lil's burgers win thumbs-up reviews, too.

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